this blog is sfw
Oh my flipping gosh

hey guys!!! i just wanted to tell you that i am switching blogs… im telling u this only once but it will stay on my blog!!! yeah

i moved to!! its gonna be a really anime (lame) blog and i also my personal so!! if you wanna keep following me go ahead! if you dont thats fine too (´ω`★) im doing this so i can weed out a lot of followers that wouldnt like the things i post regularly now! gomen!! 

thanks 4 readin 

ps im not sure if this will be permanent so im a huge lame and i am always on the fence

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A Lullaby for Gods

I finally finished animating this monster of a project. It started as a manic method for procrastinating in the midst of finals (while also practicing animation), and I ended up learning so much from it. I hope you guys enjoy watching it. Thank you!

Done in Photoshop and After Effects.

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which is better; animating with motion tweens or frame by frame??


depends on the feel you want! honestly i think frame by frame produces better results, motion tween animation is really hard to master… i honestly suck at it idk well i suck at both WHY ARE YOU ASKING MY INPUT

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like everybody and their moms are trying to reconnect w me right now and i just wanna crawl into a box 

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o yea fair warning i MAYyYYY end this account soon and/or stop posting and move 2 another blog………………………………… i just amnot fond of tumblrs whole undertone and crap and wanna possible start over and this is a really lame txt post goodnight

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lame/ lame/ lame/ lame //////

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man the accusations of Faora’s armor being sexist are literally the most ridiculous thing ever if you’ve seen the movie.

(possible spoilers if you care)

like there’s this one bit where the movie makes a big deal of one character removing their armor and stripping down to a skintight suit to fight

hint it’s not Faora 

another hint it’s a man and also it’s Zod

and then he fights another guy in a skintight suit and also Russell Crowe stripped down to a skintight suit in the first ten minutes, Kryptonians really care about their skintight suits is what I’m saying. 

The fact that Faora doesn’t get a scene where she strips down to a skintight suit is actually probably sexist on Krypton because clearly performing dramatic strip-teases and prancing around in tight suits is a status symbol on Krypton.

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when i get older im gonna invent these glasses where you put them on and it makes everything look like anime,and like itd be so cool, and if you want u can put settings on it where it can be any style u want, even not anime thats what im gonna do and im gonna be a billionaire, and id even make a contact versoin if u dont want glasses ya

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